Fonzy Greaskull

Kerry International Tattoo Convention is honoured to welcome the artist Fonzy Greaskull to the convention, and to Ireland for the first time. Fonzy was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico and from a young age was drawing everything that he could after receiving guidance from his art teacher mother. As he grew older he was influenced by other artists and his surroundings which led him to taking up the airbrush as part of a desire to be involved in the lowrider culture. In time he desired to grow further as an artist and moved to Los Angeles as a result where he became known for his airbrushing and personal style. One day a customer, who happened to be a tattoo artist, came in to have a mural done on his car and Fonzy, having an interest in tattooing, worked out a trade for some tattoo guns. Like his other art Fonzy is striving to be the best tattoo artist he can be by practising and fine tuning his techniques.