Mao Perez


Mao began his journey in the tattoo industry after meeting Cathy in Lausanne, Switzerland. From there he began by learning, training and dedicating himself to the world of tattooing. Felix and Loretta Leu, an industry in the field, helped him with their knowledge from the beginning. During that time and due to the difficulty of finding material, he began to order tattoo machines from the United States.

From there his next step was to travel to Ibiza where he set up a room for his tattooing. At that time there were no studios dedicated to tattooing there. After a couple of years in Spain he decided to move to the North American Military base where he also set up the first tattoo studio, before then people were getting their tattoos done at home or at the back of some shops.

When both tattoo studios were doing good, he decided to set up new challenges for himself, so he stopped copying tattoos from the tattoo catalogues and started to design all designs from scratch and in a personalised way. From there he is claimed, along with his team, to be the first generation of tattooists created in Spain.

Mao begins to combine the Cartagena studio with the management of the store “El Martillo de Lucifer”. But after 14 months of coming and going every two weeks, they finally decided to move to Madrid to open their new studio. In this studio there wasn’t only tattooing, it also sells and advises on accessories and spare parts for motorcycles and became the local meeting point within the sector.

At the time it was a renewed atmosphere of freedom, which many wanted to show through tattoos.

The dream for both Mao and Cathy had come true: the tattoo ceases to be something marginal to become popular art.

At the end of the 90’s with tattooing becoming so popular and with the public being clearer with what they wanted and with there being a new generation of highly qualified tattoo artists, the culture had advanced and its studies. In Parallel they began to develop their own tattoo machines, creating a new brand very well positioned in the sector.

Now, the shop they first opened is the oldest tattoo studio in Spain. In addition to the experience, having a prestigious team, material of the first quality and has been a pioneer in the standardisation of hygienic-sanitary standards. What’s distinguished however is to make each tattoo unique, adapted by the client and always by the hand of the more prepared professional.

At current Mao has an infinity of international mentions and awards and has four studios currently in operation.