The Remedy, this is a local band that will be performing on the Saturday Night of the show from 9 o’clock. They will be playing a variety of music for your entertainment. Do not miss out on seeing this amazing band!





Mpk Band, is an instrumental trio that will be playing Saturday the 2nd after The Remedy. Not to be missed! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1732606737001747/


Alternative Route: We are happy to welcome Alternative Route this year to be helping us unwind on the Sunday evening about 10.30pm in the after party.





Professor Testa from the group Capoeira Nacao Pernambuco will bring an amazing performance full of grace, music. co-ordination and crazy skills that will amaze you. Capoeira is a form of martial arts, created by the slaves in Brazil more than 200 years ago. It was forbidden by the colonists. The way the slaves hid the lethal movement was by adding music, that way they made them think that it was a dance. Making this martial art very graceful and full of acrobatic, graceful movements. Now capoeira is practised all over the world and Kerry international Tattoo Convention will bring a bit of its beautiful work to you.


Dino Tomic: Kerry International Tattoo Convention has such an exciting act that will be happening throughout the whole convention … So this guy doesn’t just portray his art skills on pen to paper…he does the most amazing stuff from paintings, to gunpowder art, dust art and sand art. This year at our show he will be doing something quite spectacular throughout the three days. You can’t miss out on this. Below i will attach a picture of one of his paintings and i will also attach a link to instagram so you can have a better look at his awesomeness.